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April 8th 2014 3:35 pm

Coding / writing on a Chromebook while offline?

Samsung's Chromebook 2 became available for pre-order yesterday. At $399, it's not as cheap as previous offerings, but it packs a bit more power than earlier models (for what it's worth, I always found my o.g. Samsung Chromebook to be a bit pokey).

Anyway, a conversation I saw on Twitter earlier today got me wondering about its feasibility for doing work that involves either coding or writing.

What sorts of Chrome apps are people using to write (preferably with Markdown support) or even code (general HTML, CSS, and throwing stuff up on a LAMP stack running on our NAS)? And how does this work if you don't have a solid wifi connection (e.g., some coffee shops have pretty spotty and slow wifi).

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There are a number of solutions and most are available offline. This post is from November so I would be surprised if there weren't more options now: http://joemarini.blogspot.com/2013/11/tools-for-de...
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Snap! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Sounds like there are some pretty decent options then.
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On a similar situation, Lifehacker put up a post from a developer that completely migrated over to an iPad (lifehacker.com­/how­-i­-ditched­-my­-laptop­-for­-an­-ipad...) when on the go.

While not entirely the same it does seem doable if you take the time to evaluate your workflow.
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