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July 18th 2014 2:37 pm

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Have I been banned? I just discovered that I was the only one reading my posts. No warnings. Nothing. I have just been placed in a room to myself. It is hilarious to discover that in a busy chat room, you might as well be alone.
I just want to know if I have been banned and why?

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You were banned because you can't seem to make a comment without resorting to insulting people. Some of your finer examples:
  • Wow, we have reached a new low of dumbness. We really have.
  • No. You are the one that is stupid.
  • The author of this article; every time I see his name I feel I am reading an incomplete sentence...
  • Stop whining. You sound like a butt hurt child.
We don't need or want that at Engadget. Thanks for playing. Goodbye.
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