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November 3rd 2013 10:56 am

Computer Components

Can we have database for computer components (e.g. CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD etc.) because that will be awesome!

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The only problem is that it would really water down search results, probably make the dynamic gadget search at the top of the site impractical to maintain and make gdgt.com­/latest absolutely useless as there would be too huge a stream of new stuff added to the database. Perhaps it would make sense as a subdomain with a separate database, though. Maybe parts.gdgt.com. I would vote against adding all that to the main site for the same reason I voted against adding games, though. Things would get really cluttered really fast.
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This is very true, adding another sub-site would be a great idea. Maybe shaped exactly as the original site but with computer components!
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Hmm, I see the appeal but I don't really consider computer components as gadgets.

But I also don't work for this site, so I don't know the collective opinion
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That sounds awesome!!
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