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January 20th 2014 2:54 pm

Context sensitive vibrations in Android?

I recently switched back to Android from an iPhone and one thing that I found really useful when using the iPhone was that my phone would vibrate differently if I had an email vs an SMS/phone call. It would allow me to just know whether or not I should check my phone for an SMS/phone call or ignore my phone if it was an email and check it on my computer. Is there anyway I can do this with Android or the Moto X specifically?

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I'm not positive, but I believe the app Lightflow will let you adjust vibration in addition to the LED notification:


However, it might just let you turn vibrate on or off for a given notification type, and not choose things like vibration length or pattern.

So on iOS, you could choose how long it would vibrate, or a vibration pattern?


I just wanted to update this and say that yes, Lightflow can let you choose vibration patterns for individual notifications. Lightflow is a great notification app in general.
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On iOS, I believe it was, two pulses on SMS/messages, indefinite pulses on calls and one pulse on everything else. It wasn't configurable, but it got the job done. I'll check out LIght Flow. Thanks!
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Ah, I see. Yes, Lightflow is going to seem pretty overwhelming in comparison. It'll let you fine tune those notifications to pretty great lengths. For example, you could choose to have alerts from a specific calendar blink a fast indigo LED that stops when you unlock your phone or when 5 minutes have passed, a specific alert sound can play when the alert comes through and repeat it if desired, and then have one short and one medium vibration which can repeat every 10 minutes.

All of that can be adjusted or excluded. I haven't even used anything beyond the LED options because that's how the app started out (as the name implies). Then the developer added all these great options.
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It's pretty good, but the only thing that's off putting is, since I have the Moto X, I'm going to end up getting two sets of vibrations. The active notifications just won't function if I leave notifications off in the specific apps, which I don't want to turn off because the active notifications on the Moto X are pretty essential to me. The active notifications also replace the need for LED notifications because it'll pulsate an app's respective icon on screen, so it's easily identifiable at a glance, similar to a colored LED. However, this app gets the job done.
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Hmm, that's true.

The only thing I can think of is that you can enable the notification, and set it to clear when the screen is turned on. That way you'll receive two notifications, but only really see one of them. Then you could still set the vibration for that notification, you just won't ever see the item in your notification shade.

I'm not positive this will work, but it's one option.
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I second this. I have different patterns set up for sms vs email so i know if someone is directly contacting me
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I think you may be able to do this with Tasker, but it's been some time since I messed around with that.
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Good call, Frank. I haven't looked into it either, but I'm sure this is something Tasker can do. Hell, Tasker can do pretty much anything :) It can be a little daunting to new users, but it's one of those apps that really shows you how much power you can get over an Android phone.
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I've bought tasker, but I can't really seem to get it working properly. Sometimes the varying vibrations will work and sometimes it won't, can't seem to figure out why. Light Flow seems a lot more intuitive and presents itself well enough for me.
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