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April 19th 2010 11:01 pm

Could the next iPhone really have 80GB? What do think are the chances of that happening?

IMHO technically it should be no problem, since NAND flash memory modules consist of stacked NAND units on one die, in top of the line smartphones usually 8. E.g. 32GB modules consists of 8 32Gbit units stacked on one die.

Now usually these modules consist of 2, 4, 8 or 16 units. But could Apple as by far the largest flash memory buyer demand a custom 10x 64Gbit module from IMFT (their 25nm 64Gbit modules should be in mass production by now) or a 20x 32Gbit module from anyone else for their flagship device?

I mean 80GB would be great for Apple to differentiate its flagship device from the competition, who mostly just can't afford to demand a custom made flash memory module and will be stuck at 64GB in smartphones for some time (128GB would require 2 chips, that means more room an the motherboard and it would be far more expensive than Apple's 80GB).

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I can't but wonder if Apple would put 16GB of flash memory and a 64GB hard drive in there. Hard drive for media and flash for apps/OS.
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I think it is more likely that Flash makes an appearance in an iPhone than it is for Apple to add a hard drive. Not only would it be totally against the grain of everyone Apple is doing with storage, but there isn't space in the device for a hard drive.
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Agreed! I think hard drives are pretty much dead in all Apple portable devices besides the iPod classic and various laptops.
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Yeah, that sounds similar to what Android does (in terms of partitioning storage). But I've never understood the benefit. Plus, it would overly complicate things. If there's one thing about Apple, they take the Occam's razor approach to their hardware and software.
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No, I don't think that's gonna happen. Especially since the next iPhone seems to be gotten smaller, not bigger. And 16GB for apps would not be enough for a flagship iPhone model, unless Apple changes how iPhoneOS apps work (like Android) and I see no reason for that to happen. And if Apple would go down that route they would have done so in the iPad (more internal space, way bigger battery).
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