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May 4th 2014 12:13 am

Current version of Skype for iOS flaw allows messages to be received while logged out....

I'm currently running iOS ver. 7.1.1 (Current), and i'm running Skype for iOS ver. 4.17.3(Current).
Interesting bug in the current software. After using it. You sign out normally, and if you're logged in on a computer and are getting text chats, you still receive them in notification center and can read them if you have the notification center set to that. But yet when you click on the messages it opens the app and asks you to log in....

I've submitted the info to Skype, the agent I chatted with said it would be submitted to be fixed in the next update, but I doubt he has the capabilities to make that happen, so I guess we shall see what happens.

A bit of a security flaw depending on how you look at it.

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Weird! I wonder if it is the result of some cloud messaging protocol gone bad. As a software tester by profession, I think that's a killer bug to find, so kudos!

I also feel skeptical that an agent over chat knows the development and release cycle of the app :)
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Eek. Surprised that would get through! That said, it also sounds like something that's relatively easy to fix.
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