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January 11th 2010 2:29 pm

Date this will come to Verizon

Has anybody heard a more exact date the Nexus One will be coming to VZW? Spring is just way too open ended and I am considering a Droid. If it is May I may pull the trigger, but if it is March I will wait.

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The rumors going around from Vodaphone indicate that the Nexus One is coming within "weeks" from when they announced the product. I briefly read through this from Engadget. Since Vodaphone is CDMA, I can't see Verizon being too far off. The only hangup might be in how much Verizon will "inject" the device with their crap. They are notorious for that the long quality assurance testing process. Albeit, this is all rumors...no confirmed announcements from Verizon. The spring launch on Verizon seems likely to be spring.
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I'm not sure how you came under the impression that the worlds largest GSM network was CDMA. But Vodafone is GSM based and Verizon is CDMA.


So Vodafone can punch out the Nexus One quickly while Verizon will lag like normal for a couple more months. My guess for the launch is May, sorry VZW fans, but don't buy a Droid based on my shot in the dark.
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I haven't the slightest idea what was going through my brain at that moment in time! OMG. Did I write that? Good Lord! Sorry for the errroneous info. @Dpmt you are correct sir! More waiting ensues!
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I've heard people with ties to Google indicate that March 23rd is the release date. Obviously this date will solidify as Spring approaches. Also, Verizon employees are extremely loose-lipped and seem to be the best place to focus (as more come into the loop).

Hold off for now... at least until more information becomes available.
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March 23rd. Good to know (if it pans out). I'm going to be selling the GSM Nexus One to a friend (who always stays right in the middle of the Portland metro area and loves T-mobile) and swtiching over to the CDMA Verizon Nexus One (I'm out in random parts of Oregon all the time).

Maybe we will hear more this Wednesday; Verizon is supposed to be having an all-hands webcast on January 27th to discuss new products this quarter.
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Say Andrew-

I'm in Portland and would LOVE to be able to see an N1 in the flesh. Could you hook me up with your friend?

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