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Dear everyone: please don't gift the iPad over the 2010 holidays. We at RIM have something really cool coming. Promise. Pinky swear!

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Hah. Admittedly, the specs on the PlayBook are impressive and the UI video looks pretty good! But if anyone can fumble this, it's definitely RIM. Not sure how it will ultimately differentiate itself from the rest of the tablet market at the moment, what with Android and iOS having pretty solid app stories.

It will be interesting to see what Apple's update to the iPad is like in January or so. Can't imagine they've been sitting on their laurels for the past year.
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Got to say, I am glad RIM is coming with the PlayBook. The Android tablets have been pretty dull thus far, at least the PlayBook looks like an exciting device.
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Don't forget the mythical PalmPad. I don't think that HP/Palm have been sitting still this whole time, either and with a similar release window, I would bet that they are as far along to having an actual product as RIM is (maybe further, since they don't have to build a completely new OS) and are just playing their cards very close to the chest (as is HP's wont).

I would also think that Palm learned their lesson from announcing a product too soon and not being able to turn that initial "oooh, ahhh, that's awesome!" buzz into actual sales by the time everyone's excitement fades.
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This was likely the motivation to announce it when they did. Funny thing is, Apple will keep selling the current iPad through the holidays, then months likely later release a dramatically improved iPad.

So really people that aren't buying until Christmas may as well wait a couple more months for either the PlayBook or iPad 2.
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haha, owned
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Why to put only 2 images? im not a fan of bb products, but this PlayBook got me, nice video demo, saw it at ytube, so more images please ;)

by the way... nice comment... Dear everyone: please don't gift the iPad over the 2010 holidays. We at RIM have something really cool coming. Promise. Pinky swear! ... believe me im going to wait till PlayBook is launched before buying an ipad or something else on this line.

By the way how apps are going to be?? people its going to be able to sell apps like for the ipad or android? this is a very important matter. Pd.
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There haven't been many high quality press images for the BlackBerry PlayBook released! If you can find some, by all means, please contribute! You can add more images here: gdgt.com­/rim­/blackberry­/playbook­/images/
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Here are some interesting comparison table:

Ill find other pictures to share im really waiting for this gadget.
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