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May 19th 2013 7:11 am

Deploying multiple Android devices in business - I need to control what is installed and also data usage.

I need your Google Android help.

I need to deploy 12 Galaxy Note 2's for use by wardrobe fitters. I need to lock them down so that only I control what apps are installed and also remote locate and wipe etc.

Email etc. will be via exchange so if there is a way to set up phones without separate Google accounts that would be ideal.

Also can anyone recommend an inexpensive app to take signatures on site too?

As an iPhone user and Apple geek I know how to do all this with iOS but Android is foreign to me.

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It looks like BES 10.1 will allow you to manage Android devices on top of BBOS devices (crackberry.com­/blackberry­-enterprise­-service­-10­-ve...). I wouldn't say to jump right into this but it may be worth considering.

In regards to apps and installs, I know in the new playstore you can enable password protection for installs. Maybe create one GMail account for all devices but then disable notifications for it. This way if any mail comes in the user wont get notified and you can quickly install apps to all the tablets.

For remote device management like locate and wipe I think Lookout Mobile Security would have you covered (https:­/­/www.lookout.com­/mobile­-security­-for­-busine...).
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Thanks very much. I'll have a look at what you've suggested and see if it's right for my company.
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Good luck with it. I know that currently Android isn't ideal for enterprise management without secondary software. I think Lookout should at least be a sure bet but for managing the accounts, not sure. If the tablets have 4.2 you might be able to do profiles (new in 4.2) but I'm not sure of granular control.
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I haven't personally looked into it much or tried it out, but there is an official solution from Google: support.google.com­/a­/users­/bin­/answer.py­?hl­=en­&...
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