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Did anyone pick up a Nintendo 3DS? If so, what do you think about it?

Now that the Nintendo 3DS is pretty much available to all, I'm sure a lot of people out there already got their hands on it. Initially, I thought it was a bit gimmicky, but after watching some of the demos of the augmented reality games, I was getting the urge to bust out the credit card and pick one up...especially with Walmart offering up to $100 credit if you trade in you old Nintendo DS (gdgt.com­/discuss­/if­-you­-already­-own­-ds­-live­-alabam...).

What are your first impression? How are the launch titles? Is the 3D game-changing or just an expensive way to get a headache?

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Played with one here at gdgt HQ yesterday. It definitely has a certain wow factor, and the AR games have a lot of potential. The launch titles are pretty lackluster, admittedly, but when aren't they when Nintendo releases a new device?
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Street Fighter... lackluster?! Them are fighting words. In fact, if I had a 3DS, and we both had Street Fighter, I'd challenge you to settle this the old fashioned way... by fighting in Street Fighter. ;)
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I bought one, as did my girlfriend, and I really like it! I didn't pick up any launch titles (We bought Pokemon Black and White instead) but just the built-in software is enough to sell me on this type of 3D gaming.

The augmented reality is awesome, and coupling that with the 3D makes for a fantastic experience. When playing around with the AR Cards, I thought back to when the Wii first hit, and how it was pretty revolutionary. This is absolutely on the same level.

What I don't know about is how sustained the feeling will be. The Wii dropped off (albiet after a few years) pretty significantly. Will the 3DS do the same?
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face raiders ROCKS
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That's what I'm mostly concerned about before dropping $250 on a 3DS: Will I use it after two weeks?

I have a DS that I played on and off for the first year. After that I barely touched it. I think if I get it at all, I'll probably just wait for a price drop.
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What kind of games appeal to you? The launch lineup for the DS was admittedly weak, but six years later, it's definitely improved in terms of quality and diversity.
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i still played my dsi a lot until i heard about 3ds. the social stuff is pretty nice! I like the games taht come with it and i am want pilot wings. All my old ds games of course still work
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Nintendo couldn't get me a review unit before launch, so I picked one up to have on hand for comparison with all the 3D phones coming to market. The most impressive launch title IMO is Nintendogs + cats, which shows how 3D can be used to transform a cartoon tamagotchi into an immersive experience where your fluffy friend lives inside your 3DS. Yeah, it's cuteness overload, so it's not the right game for everyone, but it really shows off the power of the platform.
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Jeff Cannata in the TRS review revision3.com­/trs­/3ds recommend strongly against trading in your old DS. Because while the 3DS does run existing DS games it doesn’t do it well, and he would use his old DS for the original games.
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I'm really enjoying my 3DS! This is the first Nintendo DS system I've owned, and the 3D effects are quite impressive. I keep the 3D slider switch positioned just above the halfway level, which provides a good amount of 3D effect without the headache.

The augmented reality games are particularly impressive. I'm hoping the selection of games picks up soon; I was a huge fan of the Pilotwings games on older Nintendo consoles so I bought Pilotwings Resort 3DS for launch. It's a lot of fun, very reminiscent of its predecessors.
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I got it yesterday in the mail from Amazon and I must say that I truly enjoy it.

When I played with it for the first time this past Sunday at Best Buy I had a splitting headache that lasted for a good 8 hours after I played with it! But yesterday, after messing around with it a lot, I learned that if I just make the 3D slider go up just a tiny bit, it's not that bad at all and I can still get a good sense of depth.

I'm initially disappointed with the launch title choices since I was hoping for Metal Gear Snake Eater or a solid RPG. I bought Pilot Wings anyway and I actually enjoy it since it showcases the 3D capabilities of the 3DS pretty well. I especially enjoy flying next to the mountain and actually feel/sense that the mountain is coming that much more closer to me because of the added depth.

I'm still getting slight headaches from the 3D but I think I'll get more used to it with time (I hope that doesn't mean my vision gets worse too! >.< ). As of right now, I think 3D in games can really be game-changing because, once you're used to it, it really makes the game just that much better.

Lastly, on the down side, I HATE the glossy plastic that Nintendo used and the multi-tone color scheme. I have the black one and it still annoys. Also, the 3DS feels like a lower quality device than the DSi or any other Nintendo handheld.
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I agree. The glossy plastic two-tone is CRAP.
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As a Street Fighter addict, I only have one question to add to this... are the controls really manageable for extended Super Street Fighter IV sessions, or will I just give up and return to playing on my XBox 360? This is the only reason I am interested in the 3DS at this point.
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Great for: kids and Nintendo fans. Bad for: Eyes.

Honestly though, it hurts after just a few seconds of use.
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This is day 1 for me, I have one now!
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