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September 5th 2012 11:30 am

Did anyone watch the live conference and what was your impression..?

I just want a Lumia 920 now...

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I really liked the phones and my next one will most probably be a Lumia 920.

But they really need to go to elocution and presentation classes.

If Apple were presenting these same phones everyone would be killing themselves for one now and the shares would be going up instead of down.

No one cares how amazing is the device when you don't present it right and damn you Nokia, you better get good at presentation and marketing fast!
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Looks amazing. The camera is still an improvement compared to other mobile phone cameras, so that's great. Screen looks to be amazing as well as the Nokia Apps. Can't wait!
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Speaking of waiting...i'm dying to know when it will be EXACTLY available...
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watched it, enjoyed it for the most part, I want a red 920!
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Was hoping there would be a blue...but no follow-up for the CYAN...?
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I was hoping for a Cyan color as well. Would match the cyan keyboard for the Surface. :D
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Perhaps AT&T might get that color as an option but who knows. wasn't expecting to see magenta as an option for Lumia 900 but it was made; I honestly thought T-mobile would get it but they did not.
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I did not see the event live, I've been intrigued by the 'metro' tile ui since it debuted . I love how different it is from Android and iOS. I REALLY like the look of that matte grey Lumia 920, I mean really like it to the point that I'm trying to gather as much info as I can to see if this could be my next device . I've owned iPhones since they launched and I've tried android, I'm typing this on a Nexus 7 right now, I would love to give windows 8 and the Lumia 920 a spin, sadly, I live in the real world where I have to think about the ecosystems I am currently invested in and what switching my main device would mean. I'm a hard core gmail user and I'm not sure how well the windows phone stuff plays with gmail, especially labels, I have no interest in having to access my email from the browser. Anyone have experience using gmail on the current windows phones? Everyone I know with a windows phone uses hotmail.
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I have Exchange, Gmail, Earthlink, and Hotmail accounts on my Samsung Focus. Set up is super simple and I really like the email experience, which is consistent for all the accounts. I find that my gmail account works great, although I'm not able to use Labels. However, you can create groups of contacts to send messages to all the members at once, and you can also choose the email accounts you want to link, rather than have to unify all of them in one Inbox. I also like that the Live Tiles make it easy to see when I have new messages, rather than just show the number of my unread messages.
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