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Did you go to our gdgt live in Austin event earlier this week? If so, what did you find cool and not so cool?

We had a number of awesome companies come out and show off their latest gear. For some, this was their first gdgt live event and the response was fantastic.

Did you get a chance to play with any gear? If so, what did you check out and what were your impressions?

Full list of companies that attended:
Platinum: HP, Incipio, Motorola, Rovi
Gold: BlackBerry, Logitech, Samsung Mobile, Sonos, TiVo, Western Digital, Windows Phone
Silver: 3M Touch Systems, 3M Pocket Projectors, Bitbop, BodyMedia, Buffalo Technology, CEA Tech Enthusiast, CLEAR, Cobra Electronics, Gazelle, HTC, LEGO, magicJack, Nuance, Olympus, PopDrive, Roku, Seagate

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Outside the show, while waiting in line, I was able to play with the Xperia Play briefly and I have to say that the phone feels very solid in my hands despite the fact that it's still the beta hardware. The screen is nice also since I was able to see the screen clearly outside.

Inside the event I actually spent a lot of time with the Blackberry Playbook. I love how it handles multitasking very very well. I was playing a game, downloading music, and using the camera all at the same time! The device itself felt solid and I love how everything in the UI is so intuitive. Unfortunately, I'm not a BB user so I don't really see myself getting one of these in the future.

I played with the Xoom also briefly and I though the UI is beautiful but the device itself is just a wee bit heavy for me.

One of the things that impressed me the most though was the Dell Venue Pro, the keyboard was very very nice and I love how the phone felt in your hands. WP7 is also very fast. It almost made me want to switch to WP7 haha.

Last thing that I remember pretty well is PopDrive. I think it's a pretty big ripoff since all it does is copy files from one HDD to another and, if I remember it right, it'll cost $250 at the cheapest. It's a nice concept but way too expensive especially when CloudStor is much cheaper and enables cloud storage.
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