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Did you or a family member get an e-book reader for the holidays?

If so, which kind? Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble said their respective e-book readers have been selling like gangbusters this holiday season. I actually decided to purchase a Kindle for my dad, right before Christmas. I frantically searched every Target and Best Buy in Southern California (at least it seemed like it -- who knew there were so damn many in such a small area?) for a Kindle, only to find that every place was sold out!

Barnes & Noble seemed to have had plenty of nooks in stock leading up to Christmas Day and I know a number of family members who actually received them instead of Kindles (I never asked what the preference was -- were they genuinely interested in the nook? Could they just not find a Kindle on short notice? Did playing with a device in person sway them?). So, Barnes & Noble seemed to do pretty well too.

What was e-book reader situation like for you over the holidays?

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I asked for (and received) a Nook Color for Christmas. I love the device to pieces, both for its aesthetics and its vibrant display. I actually liked the fact that it has a little bit of weight to it (just shy of a pound) - I appreciate its heft because I feel like I'm holding a no-nonsense device. It's certainly not perfect, though; I'm still learning how to navigate it effectively, and its touchscreen interface is indeed "touchy," not as responsive as say, the iPad. But I really love the fact that I can browse the Web, tweet passages of books I'm reading, and listen to my Pandora stations while I read.

It also helps that I'm doing a master's in electronic publishing, and one of my classes next semester is geared toward writing codes for ebooks on devices like the iPad and the Nook. I'll be able to test the code I write with my Nook, which I'm not sure I'd be able to do had I gotten a Kindle instead.
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I also got a Nook Color for Christmas. I love it.

Magazines are wonderful in full color on the nook's brilliant display. Also, reading normal text boks works just fine as well, though not as wel as on e-ink displays. Further, I love the ability to shop both B&N's store as well as Google's new book store.

I'm eagerly waiting for the next major upgrade. Hopefully the Barnes and Noble app store brings some cool games, an email client, and other features (one I'd love to see is a nook study app). I'd also like to see the ability to edit Google Documents. Also, as a student of Research Psychology, I read a LOT of PDF files. One of my main reasons for getting an e-reader was so I could read pdf files on that display rather than printing them. It is absolutely vital that we get some pdf highlighting sometime soon.

The Nook Color is a great hybrid of e-reader and tablet. And if the forthcoming update doesn't bring the features I want, I can root the thing to make it a full tablet!
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