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September 20th 2013 8:18 am

Did you wait in line for the iPhone 5s, share your stories!

Apple opted to go for no pre-orders on the iPhone 5s which naturally is resulting in some stores having lines as they open up. If you waited in line, what was it like? If you went past any lines, let us know how it looked!

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Here are my thoughts,

I have only seen a couple Apple lineups in the past. I was in Seattle during the launch of the iPhone 4S (ironically I was there for a Microsoft job interview). The lineup outside the Apple store was pretty hefty. I think there may have been a lot of developers in the area needing to get it for development purposes.

Up in Edmonton, for the launch this morning, the lineup was minimal. I attribute this for 2 main reasons, one, population type. Although we have a similar amount of people in our respective metropolitan areas, I get the feeling that in Seattle they care about tech more.

Secondly, this is the first time Apple has launched 2 phones simultaneously, and they have allowed pre-orders on the more accessible/affordable one. I think the 5C will easily sell the 5S, and there was no need to line up for a 5C this morning. Thus the lineup was solely for the people who wanted to pay the premium for the 5S device
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Good observations. I went to my local best buy for when they opened and I wait probably 10 minutes before beginning my check out.
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I assume you opted for the 5S? Did you go for Gold? Space Grey?
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Grey, they didn't have any other colors. I think only Apple retail stores had the gold models.
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