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Didnt see this one coming but Samsung just announced 2 tablets, the redesign (of an unreleased product lol) of the 10.1 and the new 8.9.


both are thinner than the ipad by an amount almost no one will notice and they looks just as sexy(IMO). The touchWiz UI that samsung loves using is present and in this form looks pretty good. It looks like they are changing not as much and adding things like apps and widgets. The only bummer is that we will have to wait till june 8th to buy one. Like I've said before I'm in no rush to buy a tablet but knowing this thing exists and I can't have it yet is annoying. Also its giving the ipad 2 a 3 month head start and it makes the xoom look ugl

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meant to say ugly to late to edit. :P
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I wonder how many people would wait as an alternative to iPAD2. It is hard to close your eyes and shut out all the Apple news everywhere.
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The lack of actual iPad 2s makes it easier to shut it out. I dont think the mainstream will wait for the Galaxy Tab. But I will

the OS looks really good and the lack of apps is kind of disappointing but I know it will get better,
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