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November 16th 2013 11:36 am

Differences between the Flex and Force

The Force supports the ability to tell when a person is climbing stairs, which the flex does not. It also according to the Gizmodo review, is leveraging a much more accurate activity/motion tracker than the flex.


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My Wife's flex seems just as accurate as my Force; however, she does not have a mode for stairs that I am aware if. Having the stats available without having link to your smartphone or PC is a big plus as well. The Watch and such is okay. There is a lot of room for improvement... Manually starting sleep mode is almost useless.

My recommendations: Heart rate monitor. Integrate this as a "goal" feature. i.e. hitting your target heart rate for 20 or so minutes should be a goal integrated into a smart device with this many features. This would be a big improvement. The calorie count feature is iffy at best. I seriously doubt that i am expending 3800- 4400 cal per day this seems to tell me or I"d be dropping weight big time. 10,000 steps per day goal... That should be adjustable to at least 12 or 15 thousand steps per day.

A lot of new Smart Watches are integrating these same features into their devices. Fitbit needs up one-up them with some of the earlier mentioned features before they are left by the wayside.
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