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April 18th 2012 3:08 pm

Digital Storm introduced an entry level PC gaming line but do you think will people will buy it?

Much like Dell did with the Alienware X51, Digital Storm is trying its hand with entry level gaming PCs. They're offering four different models to the Marauder line up. Going from Level 1 to Level 4 the specs get slight increases in either the processor or video card.

At $799 the Level 1 is claiming to be for "Gamers on a tight budget" and offers some good specs at the price. The one major benefit of investing in a PC like this over something like the Alienware X51 is you're getting a full sized case. What this means is that it gives would be owners the ability to more easily upgrade their gaming PC with more ease to keep up with the demands of new games. However there is always the option of building your own PC as people will point out you can build the same PC for less or build something more powerful for the same amount of money.

At this price point though do you think this will be a more enticing option for people looking to get into PC gaming but don't know where to begin with building their own custom PC?

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I can't speak for Digital Storm's support, yet that is something also usually included with the sale of a new PC. This can be valuable to the user who doesn't know too much about what they are getting into. Alienware gets the benefit of being backed by Dell which has reasonably good support.

Do I think people will buy it? Some will, yet most will not. It is tough for gamers on a budget to justify going for a PC over a console in today's market. If they do have their heart set on PC gaming, there are many options and vendors to get a pc (including building one, which is not hard to learn if people want the most in terms of savings)

I hate to be the pessimist, but I honestly can't see this becoming a popular system.

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The support is a good point. I know people don't like Dell but I've never had an issue with them when I've head to call. Digital Storm is saying 3 years of warranty but don't really detail what exactly it covers.
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I just took a look at that X51 ($699), and I wouldn't really be able to recommend that to someone. It really seems like what you pay for with Alienware is mostly branding.

For example, I could get a cheap Inspiron 620 for $550. It's then $50 to add the same graphics card you get in the cheapest X51, bringing the costs to $600 and $700 respectively. But with the 620 you'll get another 2GB of RAM, and a Core i5 instead of an i3. So you have a better computer for nearly $100 less, and in this case you also have the full-size case with room for expansion.

Sure, the Inspiron line is never going to be top-quality, but I don't think Alienware really is either. Besides, I'd rather start out with a far less expensive computer and really put the parts I want into there. I could use that initial $150 difference and spend that on a pretty darn good card.
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I actually have had really good times working with Dell customer service so I would recommend the Alienware.
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You would think that by now companies would be able to offer great deals on pre-built machines. It just makes sense that if they can buy the components in bulk they can sell the complete machine for less than what a user can make on their own.

The added benefit is that you create a customer, and as we all know- gamers are a very loyal group and love influencing others. Of course, there is no "loss leading" in PC hardware but I don't think its a complete impossibility.

With notebooks quickly replacing desktops at almost all levels, there is a real opportunity to converge on gaming machines and the fact that no builds their own notebook.
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$799 is an ok starting price for that machine. You have to remember they need to make a profit somewhere and the profit comes in them doing all the leg work for you. Some people don't have the patience or time to completely troubleshoot a motherboard bios causing RAM issues.
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Im getting the level 3 marauder. I know that i can get the same specs for about 100$ less but its without the case. I think its a good investment for my first desktop. i'll be able to upgrade it as much as i want. and it will retain its value for at least 2 years just because the graphics card is good enough to keep up with games. And if it cant its as easy as unlatching the custom case and putting in a new one. I can respectfully say that alien ware is the "american cheese" of the gaming computer world. :D
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