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September 12th 2009 12:47 pm

Dingux on the DIngoo A320 is VERY cool!

Dingux Linux makes it possible to run many more emulators and some much improved ones as well.

This little gaming handheld is surprising a lot of people with it's capabilities.

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Yeah never heard of it till today and now i want one, and with the price pretty cheap i think it will be in my collection pretty soon. Plus it is smallish.
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Does it enhance the performance at all? I've heard some reports that the stock A320 is kind of sluggish at running some games.
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Dingux emulators are for the most part much much better than the ones on native OS.
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Depends what the emulator and the ROM are...

I've found that NES, CPS1/2, Neo Geo run most (as in >90%) ROMs at full speed.
The GBA emulator runs about 90% of 2D GBA ROMs well. A lot of the 3D games have frame skip issues.
There are hobbyist emulators that run Colecovision, O2, Gameboy and GB Color very well.

It also handles the majority of video file formats well, so it's great for watching movies or TV shows while on the move.

And of course, if you install Dingux (a version of Linux) it has even more software available to it.
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Never heard of this thing but looks like a one screen DS lite.
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I am just looking to buy a mini sd card then dungux my a320 and then let the snes roms roll
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I disliked Dingux. I do not like the loss of being able to use start+select at any point during gameplay to go and adjust volume/settings. Maybe I haven't "tweaked" it enough to have found those options....but I prefer the native Dingoo OS to Dingux.
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