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March 31st 2010 6:03 pm

Disabling HTC Sense

I've read in reviews (www.tracyandmatt.co.uk­/blogs­/index.php­/htc­-desire­-...) that it's not possible to actually disable Sense on the Desire. It's been my understanding that this is possible in previous versions of HTC's Sense.

Does anyone know what the deal is?

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I've seen pictures of Desires where the HTC Sense home screen manager was switched to the default home screen manager. This made the UI on the Desire look just like the UI of the Nexus One. But apparently SenseUI still has some things running in the background if you look at the list of background processes on the phone. The same issue is present on all SenseUI phones. To completely disable SenseUI from having any background processes running you would have to root the phone and flash a non SenseUI ROM on there. For all practical purposes though, just switching to the default Android home screen manager will accomplish what you want, and doesn't require any modifications of the device such as rooting it.
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OK, that sounds reasonable. I had gotten the impression that this option was removed from the latest version of Sense. Good to know.
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are u talking about how u can remove htc senese and have the normal android interface
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On my old HTC Hero, all you had to do to go to the old Android 1.5 homescreen was to go to Settings > Applications > Touchflo > then tap "clear defaults". Once you hit the home button you had a choice of the normal Android 1.5 "Home" screen or "Sense". you could then set whichever one you wanted as the default. Things like the HTC icons and apps would remain, as would the black notification drawer.

If HTC has removed the stock Android launcher from 2.1 then none of this would be possible sadly. I'd assume it's still there but until someone has one to try out we won't know.

Perhaps someone running a Desire ROM on the N1 could explain if it's possible?
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Any reason you don't want an N1?

Desire < - > N1
Sense < - > No sense
HW buttons < - > Touch sensitive buttons
Optical trackball < - > standard trackball
No dual mic < - > Noise cancelling dual mic

That dual mic system is said to significantly improve voice recognition especially in noisier environments.
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I'd say there's one very, very good reason to get a Desire instead of a Nexus One (at least here in the UK).

Nexus One - £380 + contract.
Desire - free on contract.

We've got a very active market over here when it comes to network subsidies. I've been with T-Mobile for quite a while, and I got the Desire for free by renewing my existing contract, which is £35 a month, unlimited texts and data, and only runs for 12 months.
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To disable Sense you can go to your Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, then scroll down and it will be called HTC Sense. Then click it, then click clear defaults. Your phone will restart and you will then want to click Android or something along those lines then set that to defaults.
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This is totally off topic but when you hover your cursor over the gdgt logo on this page do you see a lightning image flash up in a horizontal fashion? But make sure you hover over the lower left hand corner.
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To answer your question: Try downloading HomeSwitcher and launch it. You can then tell it to sett "Home" as the default home and it will always use that over Sense.

Now for a question of my own: Why would do you want to disable Sense?
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I don't know if it's just me, but i cant get my Desire to switch to the standard android homescreen.

First i tried going to settings>applications>Manage applications but for some reason it crashed on me, later i got access through the notification panel complaining about running out of space and tried again, but when i had turned off HTC Sense as my standard home it still didn't suggest "Android" when i clicked on the home button. (It did properly display Slidescreen, which i happen to have installed).

Then i tried the Homeswitcher application, but it failed to display "Home" as an option.

So now i'm left wondering what to try next. If anyone has an idea i'd be happy to try it out :)
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