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November 16th 2012 9:06 am

Dish and Google reportedly getting together, discuss possibility of launching wireless service

A report from the Wall Street Journal (webcache.googleusercontent.com­/search­?q­=cache:onli...) is stating that Dish has been talking with different companies about starting a wireless service on the spectrum they own. Interestingly enough one of those companies happens to be Google. If you recall, Google at one point had wanted to provide a $9.99 subsidized data plan through T-Mobile back in 2006 (arstechnica.com­/tech­-policy­/2012­/04­/oraclegoogle­-t...) and if the WSJ report is true, Google is now thinking on a much larger scale. One compelling aspect of this rumor is given how cheaply Google is currently selling their Nexus 4 ($299 off-contract!), if this was to happen Google could hypothetically offer phones under no contract that most Americans would be able to afford. Also consider that Google already has its own VoIP/SIP service with Google Voice and there is the possibility of this service being purely data driven and not reliant on still-dated data/voice/text plans being sold to us. There is always the one gotcha to this and it's spectrum, which doesn't come cheap. Another way to think of it is to consider how long it has taken Sprint to roll out their LTE efforts; Google will simply not be able to just pop up overnight with coverage that can compete with AT&T and Verizon. The coverage provided would likely come in somewhere in the Sprint/T-Mobile range which is very hit or miss based on your location.

Competition is good and it's obvious that Google is still trying to disrupt the market by doing things like Google Fiber, no-contract Android devices at affordable prices, and now talks about providing wireless service.

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