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November 29th 2013 12:58 pm

Do curved display phones make you use it differently ?

The market has started making curved displays.
Like Samsung and LG.
But there is one thing stuck in my mind, IS THERE ANY USE OF IT.?
As far as i think until and unless you cant fold you display of you smartphone, it isn't of any use.

Curved displays as seen in Samsung Round and LG G Flex, are good to look at and even good to use it for a while.

I think it will, but for some time.
- Curved display phones are a bit tacky to use as compared to the normal displays.
- The curvy style of the phone will also impact the way you hold the phone.
- might feel awkward if the curved phone bulges out in your jeans pocket :p
- You are not used to using a curved display as a touch screen, will take its time.
- if you sit on that curved edge by mistake, i wish it wont break the screen into two.

Well there are many things you can say on a curvy display.
It is a new thing in the market and yea everyone is talking about it.

But i would recommend manufacturer to make the display flexible so that the user can physically touch, fold it.

still its your choice to take it or leave it.

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Curved phones sort of emulate the shape of old flip phones, conforming around the shape of your face

Also, the LG Flex seems to be pretty durable, they have shown tests with weights and people sitting on the phone and it doesn't break


You are right though, it would take a bit of adjustment, but I think after a while, one could easily get used to it
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yea i have seen those vids.agree with you.
But try that at your own risk. ;)
ANd i already said these are CURVED screens, we need pure flexible screens which can be physically touched and folded.

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