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June 28th 2012 6:11 pm

Do the price drop and Jelly Bean update make this a good buy?

I'm a Windows Phone user who wants to go back to Android. But I'm far from my contract renewal date, and I'm squeamish about paying for the off-contract One X or SIII.

Is the Galaxy Nexus still worth picking up, especially in light of the upcoming Jelly Bean update? The price drop to $349 for the unlocked GSM version has gotten my attention.


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I think it is still a good buy. $350 for any unlocked smartphone is a bargain in today's age and the Galaxy Nexus can still fight with the newest phones
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the nexus is still a good phone and the one sold in the Play is unlocked and stock so there will be no carrier bloat ware or restrictions. a phone with still rather good specs for $350 is a good deal in my book.
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Compare it with other smartphones in the market that are unlocked, at the price range. It will make your decisions a LOT easier. Trust me.
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