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November 22nd 2013 12:59 pm

Do you make music using a mobile device? If so, share it!

Both Android and iOS devices have a ton of music creation apps. It's something I'm really interested in (though I completely suck at it, myself). Have you made any music exclusively on your mobile device? If so, share the details below!

This is sort of cheating, but here is my auto-tuned song called "It's Monday," created using "Songify" by Smule.


I'll have to dig through my collection and see if there are other random songs.

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I live and breath music. I have an Nexus 7 I play music at my bedside so I can sleep at night. All my computers have music station I listen too on the internet live from London England on iTunes. On my Nexus 7 I listen to Tune in Radio App which is the same station I listen to in iTunes. I buy music from iTunes only. All my laptops and Desktops have iTunes station which is Jazz. Live from London UK the radio station is live on Sunday from London from 9AM to 11AM Pacific Standard Time on the Computer. They have special guest for those of us who enjoy that kind of music.
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