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January 14th 2012 8:53 pm

Do you think it's worth the wait?

Personally, I'm getting the original Prime. Asus has said that this model will come out at the earliest Q2 and that may not even mean us us the UK. The slight increases are nice, but I think the 201 looks a lot nicer and it's already out.

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Well Spec wise the Prime has a quad core processor. Starts with 32GB where the Transformer started with 16. The Prime has a better Camera. Prime gets 12 hours battery where the original gets 9.5. I didn't see where the prime had GPS though.

Prime has a 499.99 price and the Transformer has a 399.99 and thats for the base models of each. For the extra $100 bucks yes i think the Prime is worth the Cost. (i got the price from google's shopping results but amazon has them at 499 and 599)

but my biggest concern with the device is that its almost always shown with the doc and thats another $150 for the doc. But the doc also adds a USB port, more battery life and the obvious keyboard and touch pad.

Here is where i got the comparisons from.
Prime: www.asus.com­/Eee­/Eee­_Pad­/Eee­_Pad­_Transformer­_Prime...

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I'm talking about the current Prime (TF201) and the TF700T that was shown at CES
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Ah, then no i wouldn't wait i didn't think it was as impressive as the upgrade from the Transformer to the Prime. The better screen is nice but not that a big a deal to me. the improved front facing camera is OK but i rarely use that now on my phones or tables. the one this i do like they brought back is GPS but why the heck did they remove it in the 1st place?
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I checked the technical specifications, and if I'm not mistaken both the TF101 (Asus Transformer) and TF201 (Asus Transformer Prime) have GPS receivers.

Response to CSCasper:

If someone is willing to wait several months for improved screen resolution and a slightly better camera in the front, then it might be worth the wait. My Transformer Prime arrives tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to owning a tablet for the first time. I've been looking for an electronic replacement for my textbooks and notebooks for a long time, and the TF201 might just be the perfect device (for now).
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Having already waiting this long to purchase my first tablet, this is the one i'm set on. The facts spell it out crystal clear as to why this is the BEST tablet available.
  • Highest resolution screen available on android tablet
  • quad-core processor
  • Still transforms into a touch screen laptop
  • Thus far is the best candidate for android 5 / windows 8 dual-boot
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