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Does anybody still dream of Sega releasing a sequel to the Dreamcast? I know I do.

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My 2nd favorite console to date (the 1st being the Intellivision II). I think it got a bad break, not getting the support from devs/consumers that it should have.
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I don't think we need another console. Sega releases their games on all 3 consoles and I don't see what a new dreamcast could bring to the table except nostalgia.
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sega hasn't been able to pull anything great out of their hat! Sonic games are even doing... MEH!
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I agree
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I disagree with everybody that posted so far. I would love a successor to the DC. I know it won't happen, but it was most definitely the best system I have ever had and the system that impressed me more than any other in terms of improvement in graphics. I remember trying sonic adventures on the demo unit at toys r us and drooling!!! it was like nothing i had ever seen. The launch had more hype than ever, the hardware was nothing we had ever seen before, and the launch games didn't suck. As a matter of fact they were great!!! I still have callouses on my fingers from soul calibur. the vmu was ahead of it's time if you take into account it's use with sonic adventure use. It was like a super hyper mega tomagotchi. As for the games... so many good titles... skies of arcadia, shenmue, jet set radio, sega tennis, soul calibur, sonic adventures, crazy taxi, phantasy star online and i am sure i could keep going, but i can't think of any more at the moment. Do you realize that the first online game i could play on a console was phantasy star??? why did they fail so miserably? i guess they're track record from 32x, saturn, and sega cd ruined it for them. they could have been great. what a shame.
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