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July 9th 2009 9:54 pm

Does anyone actually play their Wii?

I've had mine for going on two years now, and played the heck out of the thing for about a month. Even my wife got in on it.

At this point, I can't remember the last time I even turned the thing on. When I bought it, I kinda thought it was gimmicky, and worried that it may be a total waste of money, and it looks like I was right.

I will say, when I have company, they really get a kick out of it, though.

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I agree i have had mine for a year and a half now, and i occasionally play it, mainly when my brothers or friends come over. I don't think it was a waste of money there is just not very good "hardcore" games for it. Smash Bros is awesome, Zelda is a winner and No more Heros is pretty awesome. Other then that i just mainly play my xbox.
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My little sister plays the Wii religiously. You have to pick out the right games that last long I guess, as rare as those are.
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I still haven't beaten Super Paper Mario or Metroid Prime 3. I haven't played Punchout at all and haven't played Mario Kart much at all. As you said, having people over makes the Wii shine. I still play Wii tennis and bowling from time to time. I play billiards on Wii Play with friends every now and again. I just have a hard time playing single player games. Just when I get into a game, some big awesome game will come out for the PS360. And I loved Paper Mario and Metroid Prime Corruption! I just have video game A.D.D. and the Wii is almost always at the bottom of the list. I will definitely go crazy for the Wii again with Wii Sports Resort, Mario Galaxy 2, and especially New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The New Super Mario Bros. for the DS was amazing and 4 player Mario on the Wii is exactly what it needs. Yes, it totally stole the idea from LittleBigPlanet, but so what! Every time I play LittleBigPlanet, I go "they stole this from Nintendo, but who cares, its awesome!".
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I use my Wii weekly, but rarely do i use it to play games anymore. I stream music and movies to it from my NAS. It works great for this purpose, although it would be better if it was HD.

As far as games, Fifa has a pretty good soccer game that held my interest for a little while. Also Rock Band is fun with a few friends and a few more drinks :)
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Wii? what? you still play Wii?
it's not for gamer!
but yes I played it occasionally
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There's no do-it-all console. If you want to play all the games out there, you play all the systems.
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Wii Sports Tennis and Bowling still get play. I definitely still play Punch Out, and Mario Kart is still my favorite racing game. Wii Sports Resort is dropping soon so I'll definitely be picking that up! I'll pick up the Conduit when it becomes used.
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The g/f and I are bored with the Wii too. I think the new Super Mario shown at E3 will be fun for simultaneous multiplayer and the new Super Mario Galaxy looks cool, but after we beat those 2 games its going on ebay. The Wii is such a disappointment. The two or three games I've enjoyed were a lot of fun but there just aren't enough Mario games available to make me continuously want to play the system. Meh.
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We have been using it almost daily since EA Active came out, but I'm not sure that really counts as a game. I've been playing Tiger Woods 10 and really like that, but not sure if I will keep it up long-term...

Other than that, it's probably used most for playing Dr. Mario and World of Goo, and watching YouTube videos with my kid.
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I never play my wii anymore.. totally bored of it..
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If you sell your wii, what console would you get to replace it? Would you miss being able to play Tennis or Bowling when buddies come over?
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My six year old can't get enough of Mario Kart on the Wii. For adults, it kinda wore off. Its to juvenile look and feel.
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This thread made me laugh. I waited in line for mine when it came out but it just sits, unused, under the spare tv, mocking me for purchasing it.
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Got one when it came out and hardly touched it until a couple of months ago. Strangely enough, for the last 2 months I've been playing on it every day. There's been a fairly steady stream of games lately and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. Weird, I know. Maybe you just have be in the right mood. I may quit again in a couple of days. Who knows?
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It's gotten to the point where my kids are the only ones who play it. They're girls and love their shovelware dogz and other similar titles. The only time I play is when they have MarioKart going and I see it out of the corner of my eye for long enough to get on and show them how it's done.

And mega man 9. Played the heck out of that.
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My Wii is just a Brawl box. I boot it up, play SSBB and shut it down. That's it.
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I haven't played since I rented Punch-out. I'll play it when the NES Bionic Commando shows up in the Wii Store.
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Don't forget the original Contra!
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First off, we are PC people, and have never really been into gaming consoles. That said, we have had ours for a year and a half. Played it a lot the first 6 months. Picked up the WII Fit shortly after it came out and enjoyed it for a month or two. Now we rarely play with it. It's summer now, so we are outdoors more. The kids play it with their friends when the weather is cooler. I keep telling myself I need to get back to the WII Fit. Maybe someday...
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It's been months since I played anything on our Wii. I boot it up every once in a while to see if there are any software updates, that's about it. For me, longevity in a gaming experience has to come from a great multiplayer experience. This single component keeps me turning my Xbox 360 on multiple times a week.

The Wii's poor implementation of online gaming and connectivity severely cripples the platform IMO. Even the original Xbox had a better experience, and it was the first generation! Nintendo is one of the original video game companies! You would think they would be ahead of the curve in what the industry wants. Sure, motion controlled games are cool and fun. But games are meant to be played WITH other people (except for your awesome single player games).

Also, there aren't that many great titles for the Wii. Again, that is where my Xbox shines. Whatever I am in the mood for, there is a great title on it for Xbox. If the Wii had a plethora of great titles, I think it might be a different story.

Anyways, that's my $.02
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The Wii gets used daily at my house. Especially when we have company.
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I haven't played it for at least a year. Just too few games that appeal to me and, frankly, the novelty of teaching/introducing Wii Sports or Wario Ware to friends/family wore off and became boorish after the first six months.

It isn't even hooked up to any of my tv's, just sitting lonely in the old armoire.

I really wanted to love it (and even did) but only for about half a year.

My PS3 on the other hand is getting better with age. I appreciate it more and more as time goes on.
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I played mine so little that I got rid of it. It wasn't worth having around for the meager usage it got.

I've been thinking about this since I wrote a review last week and I realized that the Wii is incredibly well designed to sell itself. Think about it, the only time it gets used is when you have a group of friends over. In that one scenario it is a lot of fun and everyone has a blast using it. So your friends decide that they will get one too. From there you have a network effect where people buy it and have their friends over to play who also buy the Wii. And on and on and on...

Meanwhile after a couple of months people start getting bored with it and stop playing it. Nintendo doesn't really care because they make a healthy profit on each unit.
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Mine has also been dormant for a while. Maybe 6 months since last use.
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It has been a while as well, but I will get a Wii kick and will play the crap out of it for a week or two, then shut it off for a year.
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I never play my Wii, mostly because COD5 was confiscated ¬¬ Rayman Raving Rabbids was great fun at first, and me and a friend played the hell out of that game for about a week then got bored. Lego Star Wars 3 and Lego Indiana Jones were disappointing, and didn't feel suited to the wiimote. i found Ferrari Challenge impossible, and got bored after a few minutes. Tomb Raider Underworld was my biggest disappointment though; it cost me £32 and was so boring I played it about twice. Battalion Wars 2 is a good game, but not good enough to make me use the Wii regularly. The only interesting thing I could think of doing was installing the homebrew channel, but every version of Bannerbomb I tried failed. if only I could afford the PS3, the best console of this generation, IMHO.
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I still play my Wii. Plenty of good retail games, and plenty of good WiiWare games. I recommend World of Goo, Mega Man 9, BIT.TRIP: BEAT, Swords & Soldiers, Artb Style: Orbient, and a bunch more.
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