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January 23rd 2013 4:24 pm

Does anyone else have trouble receiving texts/calls?

For some reason I seem to receive calls/texts 1+hours after it was sent, if at all. I don't think it's a network problem-iPhones in the house don't have this issue. Also, it's been happening since I upgraded to Jelly Bean. Anyone experiencing this problem or have any suggestions diagnosing the problem? Thanks.

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I have never had this issue. All I can suggest is powering it off, pulling the battery, then putting it back in and powering up. Then perform a profile update.

Menu > Settings > System Updates/About Phone > Update Profile

In my experience, this problem is a carrier issue. I would visit a service center if it persists. Can you replicate the problem easily?

The only other issue it might be is Google Voice. If you've set it up, sometimes the texts will get saved to Google Voice and not forwarded to your phone. Try disabling it.

To disable visit www.google.com­/voice and log in. Click the down arrow next to the gear at the right of the screen and select settings. Click disable to the right of your google voice number and click disable account now. Good luck.
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