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September 20th 2012 9:04 pm

Does anyone know how the HDD will be upgraded

I have a huge collection of downloadable games on my PS3s so I have upgraded the Hard Drive on every single PS3 I have owned.

For this PS3 I can't tell if it can be upgraded or not. I watched an unboxing video on gamespot and the guys there could not tell if how to the HDD was upgraded.

Does anyone know; can the new superslim be upgraded using a standard laptop HDD like the others or does it require a sony proprietary disc drive?

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Europe is getting a 12GB flash drive model. Sony has stated that the users will be able to upgrade it by getting a sony mounting bracket and new hard drive.

Since The US models already have a hard drive, it is reasonable to assume that it will have the mounting bracket inside, and that a hard drive swap is possible.

Of course we will know for sure once someone actually does it
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Bro, just get the 500GB version and call it a day. If you "need" more than that stop kidding yourself. I love my upgraded 500GB hard drive on my fat PS3 so I feel you there. However, if you're talking about putting 3TB in this lil beast, I think you're crazy. If you fill your hard drive, just back it up and start deleting older stuff.

You can delete old games you don't play anymore, it is possible.
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I don't think that I need more than 500 GB. I just was wondering what the upgrade path was for the new PS3s. I already have 2 PS3 slims one with 500 GB the other 320 GB the one with 500 GB is packed with games and movies. I only have 8 GB free. soon I will have to start deleting games. It does not take much time to fill even the largest HDD when you get the downloaded version of a disc based game.

I really liked that I could got to the store and just buy any laptop HDD and slip it into my playstation and be off and running. I have upgraded the HDD on every single PS3 I have owned. I have also helped several friends upgrade theirs.

With the first and second PS3 you can see where the HDD replacement slot is located but with the new I can't see a HDD slot anywhere. So I was wondering what the upgrade path was. I tried to find the manual for the new PS3 online but sony has not published the manual for the newest PS3 yet.

I know I am not the typical user. I love the ability to update the HDD with out difficulty. I know that the Sony reps said that they have seen that people tend to buy new devices with larger HDDs then upgrade the HDD. So I don't think they made the new devices supper easy to upgrade like they did the earlier models.
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Ok thanks to ifixit.com I finally know the answer to this question.


the side nearest the disc drive pops off reviling the HDD tray. The HDD appears to be a 2.5 inch SATA HDD. Based on what I can see it looks like it can be upgraded just as easy as the older PS3s.

I was worried that Sony would make it so we required a proprietary hard drive and it looks like they did not.
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