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June 27th 2013 11:40 am

Does gdgt have an Apple bias?

If you look around gdgt's must have's, the highest rated devices seem to always be iPad, iPhone, iPod, and what ever the name of the day is for any Apple laptop or notebook. It is understandable that they would get good reviews because they are all pretty good, useful devices, but it seems like there are a dozen devices that could do some, if not all, of the same things just as well.

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I'll refer you to our FAQ portion on gdgt score: gdgt.com­/help­/­#gdgt­-score

We score and rate products based on what the critics are saying, our own hands on and the market.
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I read the FAQ, and was reminded of something that I guess I had forgotten. I am not your average consumer.
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I'll add an answer from a logical point of view.

If a device does some of the same things as well then it only deserves some of the score. Not the same score or better.

If it did all of the same things, logically it would get the same score.

Some categories are easy to see. Nobody has come close to creating a better personal music player than the iPod. Samsung has tried, Sony has tried, Creative Labs used to try.

Other categories are very close. Both the HTC One and the iPhone 5 scored a 96, and both are beautiful phones. They offer similar functionality, but completely different user experiences. In this case it comes down to preference.

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Notice that I said ". . . some, if not all, of . . ." which includes the argument for 'all of the same things'. I did this only because devices like the iPod Classic and MacBook Pro are largely unrivaled in what they provide, whereas devices like the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone likely have been out done already.
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