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September 6th 2013 3:06 pm

Does it FINALLY have a night mode? Black Background with White Text?

I had a Kindle Paperwhite for a about 3 days before taking it back. I loved everything about it except nighttime reading... It was HORRIBLE for that. Even at the lowest settings it was so bright that it would blast your eyes. I hated to return it, it was far better for reading than my Samsung S3 and the iPad mini. My wife had an iPad mini and once I tried reading hers with the night mode on I returned the Paperwhite and got my own. The iPad min is great, but I'd rather have a paperwhite. Many people have complained about this, I hope Amazon has finally listened to it's customers

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It won't be possible. According to some Amazon representatives, the Paperwhite isn't designed for for inverted contrast situations like this. A commenter on the Amazon forums also speculates that this is because the Paperwhite is designed to simulate reading on paper, vs. an LED display which directly blasts bright light into your eye:

The front light of the [Paperwhite] would probably help, but at the same time, for most readers, the need for white-on-black doesn't exist on e-ink screens the way it does on LED screens with their directly-in-your-eye lighting. With e-ink the effect is that of reading print on paper, where white-on-black printing rarely enhances anything.

Source: www.amazon.com­/forum­/kindle­?­_encoding­=UTF8­&cdF...
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Thanks Dave!
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no matter what Amazon representatives say, inverting the display works perfect.
I can see it on my jailbroken kindle when I run CoolReader, which is capable to do this. But, unfortunately I did not find a way to enable this in the standard-reader so far.

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