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June 25th 2013 5:46 pm

does it meet your requirements?

for me:
+ a great Sony-Design once again since 15 years
+ thin, metal, waterproof,
+ big display, can use pencil to write notes,
+ like Tablet, but not a Tablet (Tablet is almost useless for me)
- 800MP Camera without Flash? (is ok for a phablet)
- too big for a Mobilphone? (I use only Bluetooth-Headset)
actually this Xperia Z Ultra meets almost all my requirements on a new Smartphone.
1) I don't want plastic anymore (because I had Note1&Note2 since 2 Years...)
2) No more AMOLED display (because it "burned" itsself, when I use it as a Navigator in car)
3) Tired with Samsung Design (I was actually a Sony-Fan, before 15 years ;) )

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Do you know if it will accept a verizon lte sim card?
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No it won't. It's a gsm phone
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You would have to look into the LTE variant of the Z Ultra and make sure Verizon supports those bands. You won't be able to activate it on their network, so you'll have to have a pre-provisioned SIM card from another phone or tablet. Just know you won't be able to receive calls on this until Verizon supports VoLTE.
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