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Does the Droid have Push for POP3 accounts?

When you get the Droid can you program in your POP3 accounts and have the Droid look for the emails using Push rather than programing your account into Gmail and waiting an hour for those to be updated?

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This is all I found - www.droidforums.net­/forum­/droid­-general­-discussion...
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I found this answer on another forum..

Android is a mostly mature platform now, everything the other mobile devices can do, it can do (better).

It can view .pdf's, it can open and save attachments, it can do POP, IMAP, SMTP, Secure email, etc.

It can be setup EXACTLY like your current "push" email phone like a Blackberry or a Windows Mobile phone. I have a Hero right now, email comes to it before it even shows up in my Gmail inbox! Your work email *MAY* fall back on "polling" if the server doesn't support "IMAP Idle." Polling just means Android will check the server for messages every X minutes rather than the server sending messages directly to the phone (push).

Android comes with two email clients--Gmail and Mail. The Gmail client allows you to use ANY Google (or Google Apps) email account. This simplifies some things and allows you to sync you contacts, calendars, tasks, etc with the Google servers (cloud). The Mail app is like any other mobile email application. You can setup POP3, IMAP, etc with it. It works just like any other modern mobile email application. It can either pull (poll for mail every X minutes, some believe this drains battery faster) or push (has an always open connection with the email server, when the server gets a new message, it "pushes" it out to any connected device).

Simply put, anything your Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or even that "media"/dumbphone can do, the Android operating system can do. And yes, that $30/month data plan is REQUIRED if you're sticking with Verizon. NO EXCEPTIONS!
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I read that it has POP checking at specific intervals - I think 5 minutes is the least. That would work for me.

I also ready that you can sync it to exchange and the emails will be pushed instantly. My question would be does that include users of Outlook without exchange?
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You can't just use IMAP?

I wasn't aware there was such a thing as Push POP3.
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Well my blackberry pushes my pop accounts pretty fast. They may be fetching them I don't know.

If I have 5 POP3 accounts how could I use IMAP?
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Android acts just like a blackberry with POP and IMAP emails, it fetches them just like a Blackberry would. I had the pearl before i upgrade to the G1 and the email is done almost identically. Infact the notification system on Android is a step above BB or at least the pearl.
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