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October 24th 2012 6:05 pm

Does the new iMac still support video in?

Does this iMac still support video in like the previous 27" iMac devices?

With such a fabulous display, I really don't see the point in also owning a TV, especially when most my media will be coming from the iMac, except for the XB360 that I'll buy if the iMac supports video in.

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As far as I know, Thunderbolt iMacs do not accept HDMI in; and it is certainly not on the spec sheet for the new iMac. While there are Thunderbolt video capture boxes that might allow this, they are intended for video production uses . . . so there could be HDCP issues with HDMI.

Blackmagic Intensity (just an example) > www.bhphotovideo.com­/bnh­/controller­/home­?sku­=82411...

However, Blackmagic may be having some problems with the Intensity . . . forum.blackmagicdesign.com­/viewtopic.php­?f­=11­&...

Not that I have tried any of this, just sort of watching developments for friends/relations.
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