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September 4th 2013 5:37 pm

Does the Samsung Galaxy Gear make you want a smart watch?


Today, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It comes with a 1.63-inch color touch display, a camera, a microphone and speaker, 4GB of storage, about 70 apps, a claimed 25 hours of battery life, and a band that comes in multiple colors. You can answer phone calls, read messages, track fitness, and record video all without pulling your phone out of your pocket. It costs $299.

Samsung seems to have loaded this watch with just about everything they could and compared to something like a Pebble, it seems to have a decidedly next-gen look and feel. However, for the time being it only works with Samsung phones running Android 4.3 so that does limit its market.

But how do you feel about the Galaxy Gear? Do its many features hold a lot of promise for future innovations or do you think its basically an iPhone 3GS strapped to your wrist? Or more importantly, does it make you want a smartwatch?

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at 1st impressions for watching the announcement i would say no.

I think they have added too much to the device. i personally think you don't need all the extras in the wrist strap. i know its a good place to add things like battery but camera and a mic? i think that's a bit of over kill.

i will wait till i can see and hold it before i make up my mind but at this point i don't have high expectation for it.
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I don't need anything else that I have to charge nightly at this point :)

There are definitely a lot of cool features, but I am not sure I need that on my wrist when I have a phone that can do this on my desk or in my pocket
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I think the battery life on smart watches is pretty key. Having a dead watch on my wrist because i forgot to charge it would probably make me stop using it after a while.
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Deal breakers:
1. Daily battery. That's completely useless on a watch. I thought the weekly battery on the Pebble was bad, but this is just a joke!
2. Works only with Samsung 4.3 smartphones. I don't have a 4.3 phone yet (still on 4.2.2) nor a Samsung (thankfully).

Asides from that, my Pebble should be arriving in the mail any day now, so I don't see myself buying a new band anytime soon.
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I'm in agreement with your points 100%. I just sold my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone after they announced this watch because Samsung didn't captivate my interests.

I still want want a smart watch but this one seems clunky and less than practical.
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So far, what little I have heard about it has left me apathetic enough to not bother looking into the details, but, did I hear that the screen stays off until you press something? That would kill it for me. The advantage of e-ink is being able to keep the time visible 24/7 without killing the battery. So... I guess my answer is no. I would probably choose a Pebble instead if I could be convinced to give up my Boba Fett Lego watch.
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