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Does this have a built-in flash?

From the pictures, it doesn't look like that's the case, but in the press release it says:

"Panasonic's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system camera – complete with a built-in flash."

Maybe they mean, built-in hotshoe?

You can read it here: www.engadget.com­/2010­/11­/04­/panasonic­-lumix­-dmc­-gf...

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Looks like it does!

Check out the image of the back of the body. On the top left, you can see a pop up flash:
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Yup, you're right! Not used to seeing these fancy pop-up flashes on these small cameras.
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yeah it's a nifty feature (i've seen it on the GF1). It really "springs" into action, and makes every shot that much more exciting!
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The GF1 does have one of the most complicated-looking pop-ups. Has anyone had any durability issues?

OffT, I think this is the only realistic option for me to move beyond the S90. I guess I'll just have to tolerate a lenscap...
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no flash durability issues 7 months in. super solid camera. tiny crack in the back lcd screen, but i usually just throw it into my bookbag and go. not super gentle with it.
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It will have a buil-in flash and does have a hotshoe option. I have the GF1 (which I love) and it definitely has a buil-in flash. That was one of the advantages over the Olympus four thirds.
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