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September 28th 2009 4:26 pm

Donkey Kony Country!!!

I bought up all the Donkey Kong Country games a few months ago and just started playing them recently. This first game is pretty sweet but I didn't expect it to be so hard!! If not for the save point in each world, I would be completely screwed!! I really want to beat these and the original game boy games as well!!!

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I have the first two games and I would play this ALL the time when I was younger. Not going to lie, I still bust it out to play, brings back such good memories. Although you would think that as an adult I would get better at the game, but the game definitely has its tough moments. I guess that's what makes it fun, to this day :)
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I am really digging the "semi-real" look it has going... its a nice departure from the Mario and Metroid games... the music is also fun and interesting...
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I remember going over my friend's house after school and playing all night until his parents kicked me out haha. good times! I do remember it being incredibly hard as well actually.
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Stupid snow/ice levels. Diddy Kong is the best, cartwheel jump FTW.
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I'm wanting to pick up DKC. Just picked up an SNES a few weeks ago and I did get DKC2. I haven't spent that much time with it yet. I think these games aged very well compared to a lot of games out there. I'd really like to get a 27 - 32" tube television to play my SNES on. Looks ok on my 50" Plasma, but I know it'd look better on a smaller SD tv. Been playing mostly on an old tiny 13" tv. Only size sd tube tv that I have in my house. :(

As far as the DK games go, I really found DKC 2 to be very challenging when I was a kid. But I was able to complete both DKC and DKC2 at 100 or 101 or 102% or whatever it was. I'm hoping I can still get to that point. So far I feel like I am just as good at DKC2 as I was when I was 12. 27 almost 28 now.

I never did play DKC3. Sold my first SNES before it ever came out.

it's strange that I've been finding myself spending more time with my SNES than my Xbox 360 or PC games lately. :D
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ya, modern games are mostly made to be beaten in a weekend or to last forever (oblivion, fallout 3). Sometimes a quick romp through Super Mario Bros. 3 can make me happier than those... nice and short and sweet with the cute graphics and catchy jingles... There are some newer games which offer similar playability on XBLA and PSN at a cheap price, but sometimes nothing will do but some good old classic gaming!
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I'm playing through Donkey Kong Country 2 (I'm in the swamp right now), and it makes me wonder how I ever got through this game when I was a kid. I mus ha've had much faster reflexes and way more patience back then, because I'm struggling and getting easily frustrated now.

DKC2 is definitely the hardest of the three games, but I think it has the best visuals, music, and levels of the bunch.
(I have a love-hate relationship with the brambles.)
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Just a fabulous set of games. The DKC trilogy is one of the masterworks of the SNES.
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i love donkey kony!!
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Been playing this on the Wii - you can get the original game via the wii shop. It does seem harder than I remember it. Maybe its just because I had more time and less games back then, so I was able to get good at it.
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I got to the 3rd world and it was already crazy hard. I have to find all the secret areas to get enough lives to finish it now... Its good times though!!!

They should release game boy games on the virtual console on the Wii and DS so you can play the other Donkey Kong Land games in the series and the other amazing game boy games. They should sell them cheap and rake in the dough.....
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