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July 25th 2009 8:43 pm

Donut, even closer to becoming a reality

The cooks at the XDA have pulled the recently released code for Donut of off Github and so far the findings are impressive.
-New Widgets
-Full Multitouch support in everything not just the browser
-Gesture based control
-Huge speed boost powering on and supposedly/hopefully in the actual phone use
-CDMA support (for those Sprint users)
-And that's just the start

And here is the link to Phandroid with some pictures

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And now there is a semi working albiet very broken ROM for donut on the XDA. Currently a lot of apps are broken, the network doesn't work but it has the odds and ends that will likely end up on Donut, which is not Android 2.0 if anything it will be 1.6.
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Ok so it doesn't have multitouch yet but its a possibility in Eclair or Flan.
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