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August 18th 2013 5:47 pm

Droid Maxx vs HTC One on Verizon?

I'm moving to the States from Canada and have to switch to #Verizon for the best coverage where I'm moving to. I currently have the #DeveloperEdition #HTCOne which will not working on Verizon. I am trying to decide between getting the Verizon version of the HTC One, sure to have the same amazing build that I'm used to (and horrible #camera) or to go with the #DroidMaxx. Both are just getting released this coming week so no head to head comparisons are available yet...so, I turn to you my gdgt colleagues for your opinions. #Motorola #HTC #Ultrapixel #Droid #review #comparison

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I've just made the same decision. I went with the MAXX because I'm constantly running out of battery on my current phone (Galaxy Nexus) and I love the idea of touchless Google Now.
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As with you, I am leaning toward the Droid Maxx with the hope of the battery lasting past noon which I can't get with my current HTC One. I've re-written some of my thoughts on a discussion thread at Droid Life and will add it to this discussion.
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I just returned my Verizon HTC One for the Droid Maxx. I wasn't impressed with the One's battery life, and while the camera could take pictures fast, the quality was lacking. The Maxx also seems like I could drop it and not worrying about it shattering into pieces like I felt with the One.

The Droid Maxx's camera is okay indoors, and pretty good with the proper lighting. I love the Moto X features, e.g. Twist to launch camera, Active Notifications, and the Touchless Control for Google Now is awesome. Battery life has been good so far, but time will tell if I can get 48 hrs like Moto claims.
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I now have the Droid Maxx as well. Just passing the 25 hour mark now without charging it at all and still have 30% battery life remaining! With the HTC One that's how much battery life I had by the 6 hour mark. So Droid Maxx is the clear winner.
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This site doesn't do anything with hashtags, but personally in your case, I would probably go for the HTC one again. Its a phone with fantastic design and features. The speaker grills are a great example of the effort HTC put into this phone

The 1080p screen on the One is gorgeous as I am sure you already know.

I do have a soft spot in my heart for phones with long battery life (must be the ex-RIM in me haha) and the Droid Maxx will most likely get you well over a day's use, but the slower internals may give you less of a great experience with the phone.

Finally, there have been benchmarks run on both phones to support my slower internals argument. It is in a table on the engadget preview here:

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Thanks for the response TgD. Actually, I was trying to post this discussion and got a warning message that it could not post because I did not add tags so I added hashtags and then it posted. Maybe there was some other way to tag the discussion but I couldn't find it.

I'm still torn re Droid Maxx vs HTC One. I have had the HTC One Developer Edition since release data and it is definitely the best phone ever SO FAR. I do love the front facing speakers and the incredible build as well as the 64Gb of storage that will still beat the Droid Maxx on Verizon (rep says only 32Gb version HTC One coming....though other web posts speculating a 64Gb on Verizon.) Unfortunately, after taking over 800 photos on the HTC One, it is pretty clear that its camera is terrible. Working well in low light does not make up for how bad it is in normal light situations. Also, sucking through 15% of its battery per hour does not make for a very practical phone.

So, if the Droid Maxx can actually get me through a work day without using a couple of external battery packs or keeping in a charging dock whenever possible AND the camera is better, if both are only in 32Gb models, I don't see the advantage of the HTC One anymore...like I've said, in May 2013 it was the best phone ever SO FAR.

Other opinions?
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Ah yes, the 'tags' gdgt refers to is a product tag. You 'tagged' the Droid Maxx as the product this discussion was about :)

Its a tad bit confusing, but no worries at all.

So it sounds like the HTC ultrapixel and Zoe's are all just marketing hype in your opinion. That is interesting. Its really tough to find a camera that is great in low light, besides moving to Windows Phone with the Lumia 920/1020. Its actually a bit of a shame.
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I had pretty much the same opinion about the One vs. Maxx, but I'd check out this video review first. Go to the 2:08 mark, there's a comparison of the the Moto X (same internals as Maxx) vs. the One using a game. I think you'll be surprised (I know I was) at how it turned out.

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TgD, your lower internals argument on the Droid Maxx versus the HTC One is incorrect.
Lower numbers in the table you linked mean better performance, not worse, per the note under the table.
"SunSpider: lower scores are better."
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Ah you caught my error from a year and 3 months ago. I guess the HTC One was better on 3 of 4 benchmarks. Not all 4 as the generalization I made. My original recommendation stands however.
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I've done more thinking about the differences and have posted them as a comment in Droid Life. www.droid­-life.com­/2013­/08­/20­/htc­-one­-begins­-arriv...

Here it is also pasted below:
I'm another one in the same boat. I am moving to a Verizon town and have to ditch my HTC One (Developer Edition.)

STORAGE: As Verizon is only carrying the 32Gb version of the HTC One, in terms of storage, there is no difference between the Verizon HTC One and Droid Maxx. DISPLAY: 720 vs 1080 probably irrelevant for device this size and hand-held; we are not looking across a room at a TV. However, the LCD display on the HTC One is probably better in bright sunlight than the AMOLED on the Droid Maxx. CAMERA: After taking over 800 photos on the HTC One, I can vouch for it being better than most in low light but pretty lousy in regular light situations. Images tend to not be crisp, colours washed out, and there is ghosting around the edges of people or other objects. I would hope that the camera would therefore be better on the Droid Maxx but don't know.
BUILD: Definitely the HTC One is a quality device/sexy. No issues on the Developer Edition I own with respect to any uneven edges.
BATTERY LIFE: HTC One can't get me past lunch time on a single charge. I have to keep it docked whenever possible and carry two Mophie Juice Packs to get through a normal day of only moderate use. I am not a road warrior on the phone constantly so really the HTC One is a poor choice if you need your phone to last past noon. The Droid Maxx has theoretical better battery life but awaits to be seen in the real world. I don't believe 48hrs at all but am guessing it would get to mid-afternoon at least.
BOTTOM LINE: Still have no idea! I would like to help support HTC as they are not doing well and the HTC One is spectacular, but the Moto Droid Maxx is looking pretty good. If the battery really can get me through an entire day, that would give the Droid Maxx the edge it needs for my use scenario even if it is uglier than the HTC One.
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If it ain't broken, don't fix it. If you enjoy using the HTC One and don't feel limited by its battery life or camera, then I don't see any reason for you to choose another phone over the One.
But if you do need greater battery life, the Moto X may be a safer bet, as the DROID MAXX is utterly expensive. The Moto X delivers very good battery life that should definitely last the whole duration of a working day, and then some. Are you able to charge your phone's battery every night, or do you need your phone to last way past a full day?
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