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July 1st 2009 10:33 pm

DSi Store - Where are the VC titles?

I really like the potential the DSi Store brings. I've downloaded a few titles, but it's virtual console titles I'd really like to see. It's doing quite well on the Wii side. I would think that Nintendo would be licking their chops at the idea of selling titles again to such a large userbase. It would be nice if they would allow downloads to DSi users on titles they already bought on the Wii, but I realize this is quite the dream. I would really enjoy playing titles like Super Mario Bros. or Battletoads on the go. What are some titles you would like to see on the store?

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I thought that Nintendo announced that they have no plans for a DSi VC's.
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That's really disappointing. They would have a lot of potential in that area. There are countless old handheld titles that would be fun to replay.
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I think I remember that being announced too. It just seems like something Nintendo could (and should) change their mind about in the future. The numbers don't lie, that's a big revenue stream out there with not too much effort on their part.
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Virtually no effort at all. They could prbably get 1, 2 programmers tops to take the ROM, give it a somewhat unique channel design, have it work on the Wii and compile.
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This would be great and would help make up for the current dearth of stuff on the DSi store. Imagine if they brought Zelda Oracle of Seasons & Ages out on DSi? Instant buy!
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Downloadable Game Boy titles would get me to buy a DSi immediately.
As it is, there's nothing the DSi has to entice me to upgrade from my DS lite (which I won't sell/trade in - it's signed by Eiji Aonuma).
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I agree. Especially if you consider the lack of a GB/GBA port it would only make sense to have VC. VHH(Virtual Hand held)
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I'm pretty sure that even if Nintendo claimed they have no plans for that, they will create those plans eventually.

It's such an easy moneymaker for them while pleasing everyone so much it just makes no sense to not implement.
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Game & Watch titles coming out in Japan baby!
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Yeah, but these are actually games contained in the 'Game & Watch Collection', which is an existing game for the Nintendo DS.

So they are not actually VC titles, but extracts from a full DS game, such as what is happening frequently in the store with WarioWare mini-games being sold separately.
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If Big N does finally start going VC release on DSiWare, anyone wanna buy my Micro? The only reason I kept it was novelty and to play GBA games. Of which I have very few. I'm picky like that.
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