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June 9th 2014 1:16 pm

E3 is here! What has you excited?

Arguably the biggest gaming event of the year has arrived and Microsoft is kicking things off with their Xbox keynote. What are you excited to learn about and play?

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I have to admit that The Division looks pretty good too!

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Agreed. I'm sad that its been delayed to 2015, but the gameplay looks great. So long as it's going to be as good as what they've been showing off, I'll be happy to wait a while longer.
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yeah and it's multiplay also attracts me
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I'm all about the new IPs. Inside looks like a dark indie I could get into, though, I'm hoping it comes out for other platforms (i.e. ones I own).
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None of the exclusive stuff really blew me away, even stuff like Sunshine and Division. They looked like they could be fun, but I'm so skeptical of E3 trailers at this point. I wish Platinum Games wasn't being an exclusive because their stuff is always bonkers and just insane.

Re-watching the ID@Xbox montage I'm excited about:
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Mighty No. 9

No really, Cuphead looks fantastic.
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The 13 year old me would be very mad at me now for how little I play video games. I just don't have time anymore! Even worse, I find there's fewer and fewer titles that appeal to me.

This is a roundabout way of saying that, sadly, I'm not really excited about E3. The only new release that's excited me for a while is Transistor, and that's already out (I've been playing it - it's great). And I was only excited for that because the only other game I've played in the past two years was Bastion, which I absolutely loved.
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Mirrors Edge 2. :)
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As for me, I'm excited to learn more about some PC gaming action. Specifically: CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH. Oh, yesssssss!!

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