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July 17th 2009 6:14 pm

Emulation on PC vs physical console?

I often browse craiglist and see dreamcast units for very low cost... Standard would be something like dreamcast, 2 controllers, memory + 20 games for $75 (canadian).

However, I've read that there is now a pretty decent PC emulator called nullDC. My main concern would be getting things like gamepads working in the emulator. Anyone have experience with this? I have fond memories of the DC from 9 years ago or so, not sure it stands the test of time but I'd like to try it again.

Thanks for all your help. - Adam

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I used nullDC a year or two ago. back when they had the first well-running release. I remember things running full speed and my 360 controller working with it (wired usb xbox360 controller is like the best emulation controller IMO), but it was a tad buggy. for instance, sonic adventure wasn't fully playable because it would always crash on me at a certain level. however, i'm sure those bugs have been worked out by now. by all means, give it a shot. I might do the same again.
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It's not bad considering we're still waiting for a more solid Saturn emulator as well (granted, the Saturn is a more complicated piece of hardware).

I'm HOPING to have a writeup, guide, and demo video of nullDC on my blog in time for the Dreamcast 9/9/9 anniversary :)

Personally, though my opinion is the Dreamcast hardware is so very inexpensive and you can get a VGA adapter, so there is very little reason to go for an emulator over the real thing right now. For $20 or so you get a much higher-quality, and less frustrating experience.
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^ Agreed.

I'd take the original over an emulated version any day. The thing with emulation, especially emulation of newer consoles, have such hefty requirements that it just makes the game play choppy and pixelated if your computer doesn't fit the bill. For no more than $40, you can get a used DC and a VGA adapter and call it good

@ racketboy: You happen to have any VGA Adapters available for the DC? I'd like to utilize that VGA connector on my LCD HDTV that's not being used ATM.
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There is a large and thriving Dreamcast mod "scene"online. NullDC is nice but it is still emulated. I like the original hardware as opposed to emulation for lots of reason. I am too lazy to list them.
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