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March 3rd 2014 9:54 am

Engadget at 10: When did you first start reading the site?

10 years ago, a little tech blog launched that would go on to changed the way we consume technology news on the internet. Happy Birthday to Engadget!

When did you first start reading the site? Are there any particular stories or moments that stick out for you over the last 10 years?

See also: www.engadget.com­/2014­/03­/02­/today­-is­-engadgets­-10t...

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That's easy Dave. I started paying attention right away because Engadget was covering DigitalLife, the big consumer event I helped create just a few months after Engadget was launched! www.engadget.com­/2004­/10­/14­/digitallife­-today­-with...
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Probably when I was in college and needing to fill my boring work hours with reading. I had a RSS set up in Thunderbird and pretty sure Engadget was on of the feeds I put in there.
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This is gonna be embarrassing. I believe that it was in the later high-school/early university era for me.

I had got myself a Sony k790a. I needed to pass the time on public transit commutes, and with the edge data on that thing, I needed reasonable mobile sites to browse.

m.engadget.com worked great for that.

Soon enough I added it to RSS and the rest is history. Happy Birthday!
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I am not sure which post was the first I read, but looking back at the early days posts by Peter Rojas and Phillip Torrone, I definitely remembered having seen a lot of those early 2004 posts. I would imagine I first ended up at Engadget through MacSurfer, which I used to follow religiously back in those days. Here are some of my favorite early posts that I remember:

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Sadly, I have no idea when I started reading. My GMail account goes back to 2005, and September of that year was the first time I see that I send someone an article. But in it I see that I've been reading the site for a while. So I'm guessing it was pretty close to the beginning of the site.
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Going back through email is an interesting idea! My first reference to Engadget was in July of 2005. I sent an article to my dad about pocket solar panels. There was no context, it was just this link: www.engadget.com­/2005­/07­/14­/powerpockets­-portable­-...
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It's pretty much how I figure out anything like this. Or anything at all, really :) I use GMail search about 20 times a day. It's the number one reason I try to never delete any of my email, because it's so easy to reference.

I'd have to go back to pre-gmail to see anything older, but apparently I was using Outlook Express before that, so all of my email is stored in OE data files, which are a PITA to convert to anything else unless you have a computer with OE installed on it...
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That is interesting. My email record only goes back to 2010, I used to keep my email much cleaner than I do now.

That old email was a Disqus notification on a comment left about the launch of WP7. Now that has been an interesting ride.
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I think I started listening to the old Ryan and Peter Engadget podcast (which always started with Peter saying "all right") before I started reading the site on a regular basis and that was way back in early 2005. I think.
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From the very beginning. I remember the old in house comment system. I remember Disqus, I remember the old editors. 10 years seems a long time on paper but it seemed to fly by.

I guess I managed to keep my nose clean most of the time, but sadly 10 years later and it seems I am not longer welcome. :(

Happy Birthday, Engadget. Wish I had an invitation to the party.
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