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December 9th 2013 2:42 pm

Engadget Forums Tips: Who should you follow?

"Engadget is made of people!!"

One of the great things about the Engadget community is that there are a huge number of knowledgeable and passionate users who love discussing technology. I've had a ton of fun and consider myself fortunate to get to know a number of people better (even if we don't always agree on our mobile phone choices).

Last week, we talked about how to start a discussion (www.engadget.com­/discuss­/engadget­-forum­-tips­-how­-t...), this week let's talk about how to follow someone. Following other users on Engadget is one of the best ways to stay plugged into what's happening in the world of technology! When you follow an Engadget user, you can choose to receive alerts when they post new topics, as well as see their activity in a special hidden feature that's available right here: www.engadget.com­/stream/

You can easily follow any Engadget user by mousing over their avatar in a discussion and clicking the old "FOLLOW" button. Alternatively, you can click on their username to go straight to their profile and click the "FOLLOW" button from there.

Easy? Good! Without further ado, here is a helpful list of people you can follow to help get you started. This list includes both interesting Engadget staff and exceptional Engadget users.

cjtylr (Engadget team)
Chris is a long time member of the Engadget Product Research Team and often shares his experiences using technology while attending university.Dignan17
Matt is a long time member of the gdgt (now Engadget) community. You'll often find him happily replying to comment threads and user reviews.frankspin (Engadget staff)
A key member of the Product Research Team who's been with us for ages. This Yankees fan has written about his experiences switching from Android to iOS and whether or not you could live without Google services.groovechicken
Todd likes to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He participates in a variety of discussions and also talks about the projects he’s hacking on as well.jasontsay
This is a youngin’ who is super enthusiastic about gadgets. Did you know that he’s the Editor-in-Chief of a technology website? All that, and he hasn’t even finished high school yet!kris (Engadget staff)
Kris is single handedly responsible for adding about 95% of the products inside the Engadget product database and still finds time to share her very strong opinions on Nintendo, gaming, and Pokémon.TgD
He loves his phones and you can frequently find him replying to any discussion that involves them.Have you found any particular Engadget users that you enjoy following? Share their profiles below! Or, if you think people should be following you, feel free to introduce yourself right here.

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Wow, flattered. :)
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I am flattered as well! I definitely think the list above is a solid list of people who raise good points and interesting discussions :)
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Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! :) That's a warm and fuzzy feeling right there...

I love how my example posts are complaints. That seems about right :)
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Well I think you raise some pretty interesting points about particular devices. Hah, my little introduction post was going to actually say something like, "and he often wonders why people use certain gadgets."
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Hahaha, yeah, I get curmudgeonly sometimes :)
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I think we all can get a little curmudgeonly.
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