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July 24th 2014 9:04 am

Engadget is hacked at the moment

When you finish the front page news and click on <-- Older Posts you go to a page that reads in the address bar: " and no other page loads. If you want a link to a screenshot contact me.

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I'm not seeing it after testing it in browsers. Are you possibly using an addon or toolbar that is hijacking links?
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No, it seems to be fixed now. I also tried it again and I could not replicate it. The time-stamp of my screenshot and when it was happening was 8:56AM EST.
I also have no toolbars and use Chrome with adblock and lastpass only.
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Here is a screenshot https:­/­/www.dropbox.com­/s­/ivwxtp0ztmb0qwt­/Screensh... of it when it was happening.
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Googling for "save us from berlusconi" actually is interesting results. Something to do with a web crawler?


Not an expert in this area, but maybe something to look in to
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saw this today too, maybe, 5-10 minutes ago.
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And again . . .
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