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April 7th 2014 8:15 pm

Engadget login?

I'm confused.. what's the difference between the login on the upper right of the page vs. the login to comment. It seems that I cannot comment anymore. My comments only show up when I'm logged in to Livefyre.

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The login you see at the top right is for the Engadget Forums (where we currently are). The Livefyre login is separate and required to comment on news posts displayed on the Engadget homepage. It's definitely confusing and frustrating, and it's something we're hoping to resolve in the near future.

As for your Livefyre commenting, it looks like your account was caught up in a browser ban that matched another user. I've removed the ban and you should be able to comment again. Let me know if you have any further issues!
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....aaaaand I'm blocked again.
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