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December 20th 2013 12:43 pm

Engadget videos auto playing?

Is anyone else having an issue where the Engadget videos (with the AOL On branding) start auto playing in the articles? Can't figure out how to turn it off...

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I too am experiencing this problem right now in Chrome version 31.0.1650.63 m (currently the latest). I have tried the following in attempts to fix it, but the culprit is still there
- I tried clearing my cache AND history
- I opened the review page in a new incognito window, didn't fix it.

Any other suggestions for a fix?
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Hello my dear ,
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Hmmm, I'm not seeing that behavior on my end. Can you share a link to what articles this is happening on? Also, what browser + OS are you using?
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Ah scratch that. I just updated Chrome and the problem went away!
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