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February 26th 2012 10:57 am

Fastest smartphone?

Huawei is claiming the Ascend D quad will be the fastest smartphone coming out of MWC2012. It uses a new ARM9 chipset designed by Huawei called K3V2, and apparently it rocks (www.theverge.com­/2012­/2­/26­/2825388­/huawei­-k3v2­-qua...).

Quad core 64bit A9. 16 GPUs. Lowest chip temperature. Smallest physical chip. 50% power savings over a normal A9?

This is just nuts. Especially the XL phone variant, with a 2500mah battery that supposedly lasts three days.

Who knew I would come out of the first morning of MWC2012 with a nerd boner for a Huawei phone?

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What does "fastest" mean? Will it have a good user interface? How about a well supported ecosystem? It does sound like the phone is going to have some pretty nice hardware though.
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It looks like it is running stock Android ICS. The only modification I see is the pictures app. But there may be more.

And I'm guessing that 'fastest' title is amongst Android phones. Obviously hard to compare speed against different platforms.
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I think HTC One X is the best.
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