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June 13th 2012 3:49 pm

Favorite root apps and ROMs for Android?

Finally got around to rooting my Galaxy Nexus the other day. I'd been meaning to do it for a while and just wasn't able to find a spare hour until now. Been really loving CM9 on it, and have also been playing around with MIUI, but am curious what other ROMs and apps you guys might recommend.

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I rooted a month or so ago and the root apps I've been using are:
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Titanium Backup - easy simple way to back up all your apps w/ settings. I use it regularly and is well worth it for when you need to wipe and re-install a new ROM. Scheduled back ups, dropbox sync and auto-restore are worth the price.

ES File Explore or Root Explorer - both are file managers that with root access allow you to easily navigate around. Root Explorer is better for opening APK, ZIP files and the like while ES is a little easier on the eyes.

Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher - both are equally good and incredibly robust in options for a launcher. Very much what Launcher Pro was before the development stopped on it. It's a matter of preference of which is better.

EXT4 Touch Recovery or CWM Touch Recovery - if they're available for your phone they're worth it. I thought I'd hate touch recovery options but it's much easier than dealing with vol up/down and the power button when navigating.

No Frills CPU Controller - dead simple app for controlling your processor with a new kernel.

I don't run a lot of root specific apps beyond the above mentioned anymore as not a ton of them are needed like they used to be. Also a large share are for very specific things that just don't interest me.

While I don't have a Galaxy Nexus I have heard some positive things about Gummy ROMS. I have used MIUI on my own phone and MIUI is also an incredibly smooth ROM. The launcher is very much an iOS feel where there is no app drawer and all apps get sorted how you want. There are are ton of custom themes and lock screens which make great if you're into that but be warned they're mostly ports so some lack translations.

I forget if it's in AOKP or Nova launcher but one of them allows you to modify the soft key nav at the bottom of the Nexus to any shortcuts you want, even a 5 row launcher.
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AOKP and Franco Kernel have been stellar for me.
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Was thinking of trying out AOKP, but wasn't familiar with the Franco Kernel, will check it out!
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Also, GNex Toolkit is awesome for foolproof hacking of the Nexus. It can be found stickied to the top of the GNex Developers section at XDA.
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Should be noted to pay attention to which builds you get. I believe there are different builds based on which model of Galaxy Nexus you have.
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You will want ROM Manager and Titanium backup, but I would be you know about these already. Wifi Tether for Root Users is also handy. Root Explorer. Set CPU if you want to overclock.
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How different is CM9 from stock Android on the Galaxy Nexus? To put it another way, what's the incentive of flashing a ROM when you already have a "pure" Google device?
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In my experience the OS has been faster and more responsive. I was skeptical about this, but I have noticed an improvement with CM9.

Also, you can customize the UI in ways you can't with the stock OS. Most people probably don't care, but it's been useful for me to be able to tweak the notification drawer or add a dedicated search button to the navigation bar.
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The CM and AOKP team, or any ROM developer really, give you a lot more freedom and flexibility with what you do. One cool thing that was in CM7, and I assume is still in CM9, is lockscreen gestures. So you could have a swipe up instantly unlock and take you to the GMail app. You can adjust things in the status bar, memory scaling, etc. There is a lot you may never use but you may find 1 or 2 you can't live without.
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Beyond the standard CM and AOKP for the GN, I've also heard some good things about ParanoidAndroid and Slim ICS.
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