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November 3rd 2011 4:59 pm

Fine, fine. I want this "smart watch."

Some of you may remember when the 6th-gen iPod nano came out a few years ago and I immediately dismissed suggestions of people wanting to use it as a watch. "No!" I said (see: gdgt.com­/discuss­/to­-anyone­-even­-thinking­-of­-using­-...)

However, I just discovered this beautiful thing and I want it. Badly.

So, I apologize for being so dismissive of the nano-watch. Because, this concept probably can be pretty cool.

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I've been using the nano as a watch for a while, it's exceptionally beautiful in a Lunatik or Tik-Tok band (lunatik.com/)
I might get the lynk after the holidays, we'll see.

My only complaint is that it's a little big, so it won't always fit under some shirt cuffs. But, as a casual watch or just something different to wear, it's great.
My reasoning for getting it was that the band (~75) + nano (120) is roughly equal to the price of a good watch from any number of brands, so it might as well be something different
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Admit it: In the end, we all want to be Dick Tracy.
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i hate to admit this but i think you are right.
i think we all want that one watch.

but please make it cook looking and these do seem to look good.
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It looks cool, but it's not clear what it is since we have no info about it on its page. I guess I will have to go checking around before I decide whether to Watch it or Want it. What I'd really rather have is a Ninetendo Power Glove modded up to be a dock for my Android phone, but this might be more practical. ;)
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Woah. This looks awesome. Maybe not worth the $400+ they're asking for it, but awesome nonetheless.

Also, there's tech specs posted here if you want to update the product specs: live.imwatch.it­/en­/smartwatch­/specs/
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OK, it looks cool, and I'm glad it runs on Android and not some proprietary stand-alone platform. But how exactly does it interface with my phone? Or is it a phone itself? The website is sparse on details...
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Never mind. I found the specs on the device in the website. They were a bit buried though; cgraham has the link.
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The gadgethound here is not quite sure about this - I'm having a 'meh' moment with it. And I put the Zypad on my Want list, which is arguably even less practical from an urban inhabitant's perspective.

To have this as more than a glorified watch or SMS / caller ID thing, you must tether it. And we're presumably all aware of the vagaries of tethering. I'm not sure how consistent the operation will be for starters.

The storage is too little for music IMO and it will also depend on how quickly you can sling data across to this unit through USB - I'm going to conjecture that it'll be a lot slower than dedicated devices like the Nano.

I guess it all depends on that unusual 'must have' app that might appear, but for now colour me relatively uninterested. Which is really odd even to me, but there you go.
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It looks cool and i like the concept but as ArmpitOfDeath points out it is something that needs to be tethered to your phone.

i like the concept and it actually looks good. it reminds me of the Microsoft watches that got weather and other misc items wirelessly . they didn't look all that great and i think the best they did was receive pages.

at least with these devices they appear to offer much more flexibility with apps but do i want to have to buy more apps for my watch on top of the ones i buy for my phone?
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