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February 21st 2013 10:28 am

fitbit complacency

Has anyone else found fitbit to be fairly unresponsive to customer problems, and when they do respond, they give answers like "sorry, we can't help you that's just the way it is and we aren't ever going to change it."

I have had to contact fitbit several times in the past and each time I receive a less than helpful non answer to my question.

- asked about clearing preuse data that came on my fitbit ultra --> led me along for a days until, they "fixed it" but actually didn't do anything because the erroneous data is still there
- asked about bluetooth sync without the dongle --> been coming soon for almost 4 months
- asked about favorite food and favorite meal sorting on the iphone app --> there is no sort and there never will be

I get the sense that they are either a very small company or just don't care, makes me really hope that withings competitor is not a dud.

Anyone else with similar experience?


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I have a LUMOback and though it's annoying to wear all the time, the fact that it counts my steps and tells me if I'm sitting right makes it more a double feature product. I would suggest looking into it. I was in the market for a fitbit before realizing that I would likely lose the little sensor or forget it from time to time.
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